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Johnny Starr - lead guitar, keyboard, vocals

Renee Haley - vocals, percussion

Alan Cyr - keyboard, vocals

Steve Capri - bass, vocals

Joe Prescott - drums

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We play classic rock and pop songs from every decade from the '60s to present, A lot of time and effort goes into our song selection - we dig into songs that are in the internet archives, looking for just the right songs - not overplayed by all the other bands, yet easily recognizable and hits in their own right. We strive for the "wow" reaction - listeners who are pleasantly surprised to hear a live band doing the songs we do, and doing them well. Renee Haley is our lead vocalist, and the majority of our music centers around her personality and her world class voice. We pay meticulous attention to the details of each song we do, bringing the absolute best versions of the songs to life. Click the Song List tab on the left to see our play list and to hear some samples. You can also see and hear more by clicking the Videos and Photos tabs.

you can also Link To Gig Salad for bookings and to see reviews.

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