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Tue. 3/17 All day Harrigan's Tavern St. Patty's Day Party 4pm - 7pm

What a fun day, everybody ready to party!  Green beer, corned beef & cabbage, festive atmosphere - does it get any better than this?

Sat. 6/20 All day Fairway Inn Pavilion, Kitty Hawk Golf Course, 7pm - 11pm, $5 cover charge. This is our first time at the Fairway Inn. This will be a great place to play, outdoors in a covered pavilion, with a charcoal grill for burgers & brats, bar outside or full service bar inside. Also full service menu in the clubhouse. Great ho... more
Fri. 7/24 All day Katz Lounge, Kettering. 9:30pm - 1:30 am. $5 cover charge.

This is our first time at Katz.  They have great bands every Friday & Saturday night. Neighborhood place known for great music.  Come on out and watch us run with the big dogs!

Sat. 8/29 All day Fairway Inn Pavilion Kitty Hawk Golf Course 7pm - 11pm $5 cover charge What a great outdoor venue! Covered, open pavilion, there's a grill set up for getting burgers & brats, a limited bar in the pavilion, or full service restaurant & bar in the adjacent clubhouse/lounge. This is overlooking the golf course. ... more
Fri. 11/6 All day Katz Lounge, Kettering, 9:30pm - 1:30am $5 cover charge.

We had a great gig the last time we played here in July, great crowd!  Let's really pack this place and party!!!  Thanks to Steve for having us back again!

Sat. 1/9 All day Capri Lanes 8pm - midnight - Lounge

Newly remodeled, Capri Lanes is a premier bowling Dayton house.  The lounge is also a full service restaurant.  Come eat, hear the band, get in some cosmic bowling!

Sat. 1/16 All day Hank's Pub 9pm - 1am
Sat. 2/6 All day Katz Lounge, Kettering, $5 cover charge

Always great to play Katz.  They really rock that place and Sonic Mojo is proud to be in the line up of bands that play there!  Thanks to Steve for having us!  Always good to see T-Dog at the door.

Sat. 3/6 All day Hank's Pub 9pm-1am No cover charge!

Local pub with live music every weekend, plus a live blues jam every Tuesday evening.  Small club, fun for the band to play in.  Come early to get a seat!  There is also a connected patio for outdoor seating during nice weather.

Fri. 3/26 All day Talegators 8pm - midnight $3 cover charge

This is a sports bar and full service restaurant.  Very friendly, lots of mounted TVs to follow your favorite team while listening to the music, dancing & eating some great food!

Fri. 5/21 All day Hank's Pub 9pm - 1am, No cover charge!

We love playing at Hank's!  It is a smaller, neighborhood pub, friendly and fun to play.  Hank's has live bands every weekend and has some great bands, which is a testament to how fun it is for the band and guests. 

Sat. 5/22 All day The New Harrigan's Tavern South 9pm - 1am. A Kettering favorite, Harrigan's Tavern opened a 2nd location at 671 Lyons Rd. off SR 725 in Miami Township, east of the Dayton Mall. What a great place - large, modern/updated. This will be a favorite of ours. Great food, known for their burgers ... more
Fri. 5/28 All day Talegators in Centerville 8pm - midnight

Class reunion for CJ class of '68.  Open to the public.  Start out the holiday weekend with some great food & music!

Sat. 6/5 All day Fairway Inn Pavilion, Kitty Hawk Golf Course 7pm - 11pm, $5 cover charge. The band is really excited to kick off our Fairway Inn series. We played there last summer and can't wait to get back. This is an outdoor, covered pavilion with its own grill for burgers & brats, or you can go inside the clubhouse and order any... more
Fri. 6/11 All day Talegators, Centerville, 8pm - midnight, $3 cover charge.

$3 cover charge, but worth it.  Great place, great food, great people!   Games on all the TVs.

Sat. 6/12 All day Hank's Pub 9pm - 1am, No cover charge!

We love Hank's small venue.  Great place to play, which explains why Mike Mantia gets the great bands in there that he does.  Check out their Tuesday Blues Jams - bring your blues instrument and join in, every Tuesday!

Fri. 7/9 All day Katz Lounge 9pm - 1am $5 cover
Fri. 7/16 All day Talegators in Centerville 8pm - midnight, $3 cover charge. Back at Talegators - we're becoming regulars here, and John brings the family here to eat - he can vouch for the great food. Check out the monster fish sandwich, Reuben or the excellent Italian food. Well, it's all good. Catch the games on the man... more
Sat. 7/17 All day Fairway Inn Pavilion, Kitty Hawk Golf Course 7pm - 11pm, $5 cover charge.

Round 2 for this summer at the Fairway Inn.  Come on in for a Friday evening attitude adjustment under the stars.  Great place, burgers & brats on the grill, cold beer on a summer's evening, great music.  Does it get any better??  $5 cover charge.

Fri. 7/23 All day Walnut Grove Country Club - private party
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