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renee haley - lead vocals, percussion

Renee is a lifelong singer, who took the time to raise her kids and dedicate herself to her family before pursuing her singing career. Her parents met when her mom joined her dad's big band. John "discovered" Renee singing a Carole King cover she was performing with Nick Mitchell, another Dayton area music icon, at Harrigan's Tavern in Kettering on a winter Wednesday evening in 2008. The rest is history for the forming of Sonic Mojo and the Queen of the band. Renee covers the spectrum vocally, and is the consistent draw for the band. We'll put her up against anybody in the area, vocally. Her brother, Hal Melia, is a nationally known performing jazz musician, and Renee is finally standing toe to toe with him! 


John began playing guitar when he was 13 years old ("campfire guitar player"), but had not been in a band until Sonic Mojo formed in 2009. Some months into the band, he also began playing the keys, initially for a couple of songs in the early stages of the band, then in earnest in September 2009. His Gibson acoustic 12 string guitar, electric guitar & keyboards add unique layers to the Mojo sound - music is all about layers!

Johnny Starr - lead guitar, KEYBOARD, vocals

John is definitely the member of the group who is the Jack of all trades. He can play just about anything he gets his hands on. Also known as the Zman, John has played instrumental music since the age of 8. He has been a front man in his former band Roxane, and also lead guitarist in The Brothers Rock on their 1987 debut album, Meet The Brothers. John has toured as guitarist with such artist as Lou Christie, Martha Reeves, Millions of Civilians, Sweet Starr, and has been involved in many recording projects. He played violin, saxophone, piano and drums in school. "Thanks to my mother I was able to try every instrument that took my interest. She really promoted my interest in music!" Check out his blazing sweet style as lead guitarist for Thunder Rock.

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