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As professional musicians, we pay attention to the details. Our concern is not just doing another gig - we pay attention to details concerning your venue also. We strive to do what we can to increase attendance to your venue - post flyers, send email announcements promoting your event, hand out band business cards with upcoming events on the reverse side, and request listing in the upcoming events section of the Dayton Daily News. For events outside of the Dayton area, we will try to request an event listing in the local paper. On the Gigs page of this website, we list the details/description of your event or venue, and encourage site visitors to click the event calendar for details and a clickable map link. We tailor the event details to make your business or event as attractive as possible. We realize that it is not just about our band, it is also about helping you grow your business or event.

We put much thought into the details of each show, and try to customize our shows to meet the individual needs of each venue. We have a variety of effects lights, a fogger, and provide fill music during the breaks. We do our own sound for smaller venues, but will bring a professional sound engineer for larger venues. We try to put out the best sound possible - yes, we're a rock band and we can get as loud as you want, but we pay particular attention to the dynamics, and try to put forward the best sound to fit the event, which means we realize louder isn't always better. We also welcome your input/suggestions - in other words, if you think we're too loud or not loud enough, just let us know and we'll be happy to adjust - you won't hurt our feelings! We know that not sounding good not only reflects on the band, it also reflects on your event. We welcome you to tell us up front exactly what you're looking for or expecting.

We love to do a variety of events, from the small club or private party, fraternal or veterans organizations, to festivals.

If you don't see what you need here, just ask us for it!

Thanks for considering Sonic Mojo for your event!

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